Pre-Notice of Finschia Mainnet Upgrade and Digital Asset Name Change

3 min readMay 16, 2023

Hello, this is the Finschia Foundation.

The Ebony testnet was successfully upgraded last month, and now we’re moving forward with upgrading the Finschia mainnet. The existing data from the Daphne mainnet data will be integrated into Finschia. All tokens, collections and existing user account information stored in the Daphne mainnet will be safely transferred to Finschia without modification and managed as a single chain. In addition, the name of the digital asset LINK will officially change to FINSCHIA and the ticker to FNSA. The application period for each product and exchange may vary, so please refer to the relevant announcements for details.

Upgrade schedule:

  • May 25, 2023 (Thu) 09:00 to 20:00 KST (end time may vary depending on progress)

Important notes:

The following services will be temporarily suspended during the mainnet upgrade, but will be restored to normal operation after successful integration. We will proceed as quickly as possible to minimize inconvenience to service users.

  • Suspension of token inflation
  • Suspension of FINSCHIA staking service (e.g. staking, reward payments, unstaking/withdrawal)
  • Suspension of Finschia and Daphne-based service operations (e.g. LINE Blockchain Explorer, LINE Blockchain Scan)
  • Suspension of exchange services (please check the notice page of each exchange to confirm if and when transactions, deposits and/or withdrawals will be suspended.)

Finschia: Before Upgrade vs After Upgrade

The Ebony testnet served as a stepping stone for dApps to onboard on the Finschia mainnet, and Finschia, through integration with Daphne, will support not only the FINSCHIA base coin but also FT/NFT interoperability in various ways. In other words, existing Daphne-based services can participate in the fair and transparent contribution-focused Finschia token economy, contributing to the creation of real demand and value enhancement within Finschia. Thus, the goal is to establish a token economy with a self-sustaining cycle based on rewards and value, and to achieve usability and versatility of the Finschia-based platform.

The upcoming Finschia mainnet upgrade is a prepratory process for the launch of Finschia Governance 2.0 and the establishment of a consortium system in the second quarter of 2023. This is the first step in the transition to a public blockchain that will scale to serve a billion users and stand at the center of Web3 popularization. We hope you will join us through this period of rapid growth and thank you in advance for your support.

If you require any assistance or have any questions, please contact our team here.

We are the blockchain for all.

Finschia Foundation

Disclaimer: The staking, yield farming and swapping activities available on the blockchain mainnet “Finschia” are not regulated and are not provided under the Finschia Foundation license.