Delisting Update: LINK(LN) on MEXC Global

2 min readMay 18, 2023

Hello, this is the Finschia Foundation.

Trading of LINK(LN) pairs has been suspended on MEXC Global.

MEXC Global has arbitrarily decided to suspend trading without adhering to the conditions previously agreed upon with the Finschia Foundation. The Finschia Foundation will focus on listing on meaningful exchanges in accordance with our major milestones and expanding liquidity.

If you are holding LINK(LN) on MEXC Global, we kindly ask you to withdraw it in advance to the DOSI Vault or to another exchange where LINK(LN) is listed.

◼︎ MEXC Global Announcement:

The Finschia Foundation is preparing for the Finschia mainnet upgrade for the launch of Governance 2.0 and the expansion of global liquidity as planned, and all exchanges currently listing LINK(LN) are preparing for the mainnet upgrade.

Real-time updates on the Finschia Foundation are available through Discord, so we encourage you to participate in the Finschia Discord Channel. You can also get quick answers to other inquiries through our Discord channel.

The Finschia Foundation will continue to strive to build and expand a healthy blockchain ecosystem. We hope you will join us in the development of Finschia, which aims to transition to a public blockchain system and realize the popularization of Web3.

We are the blockchain for all.

Finschia Foundation